Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trying a mobile post...let's see...

So, This is the beginning to a new commitment-not a resolution-a commitment. I will blog everyday for a year. I am not committing to a word count or good content. Just to do something everday.

What got me here? I spent an evening with friends and realized today that I really like the blog thing. I like reading other people’s thoughts and ideas. I am deeply inspired by two blogs, Bored and Beats-authored by Daniel Maddox and That Much Further “Ham”-authored by Alex Holt. They are both high school friends of my wife and have become friends of mine. Their blogs are very different but are amazing.

Bored and Beats is an amazing blog with insight into what music is out there. Daniel has an amazing ear and a wide range of music interest. I am in awe of how he has the time and can put forth the effort to make such a high quality blog. He lives in L.A. with his wife Jennifer and they both have me laughing all the time. Keep it up Daniel!

That Much Futher “Ham” is more geared to everyday life and has a focus on food. Alex is one of those guys you look at and wonder how he can be so good at so many things. He loves music, food, starting to dive deep into photography, an accountant and with all that in his world he deeply loves his wife and soon to be beautiful daughter Ruth!

Well back to me. My wife has a blog, I have kids, dogs, a job, and friends with that I also think I have hobbies-none of them are as developed as I would like and with that I think that qualifies me to be a blogger-again.

So, I hope you enjoy!