Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Back...then I'm Gone

Today is a catch up day at work for me.
I also am making it a catch up day on the blog for me.

It's been a while, and I know I need to catch up on my writing.  The past two-three weeks has been crazy.  Sarah got healthy again, but then we had to make an emergency trip to Memphis, work is very busy right now and I feel like I am taking on the hours of our good friend who is an accountant.  Along with all of that I also have the "part time" job  with P90X-it's about 10 hours a week.  With all of that the blog has fallen lower and lower on the priority scale.  And coming up I will be headed to Guatemala City, Guatemala for 9 days on a mission trip with our college leaders.  I have no idea how or if I will be able to update you with everything that we will be doing there.  I will try though.

Measure Me Monday
I missed two Mondays now.  Last week we were driving to Memphis, TN to be with Sarah's family as they mourned the loss of Sarah's grandmother.  It was a great trip, and it had an added bonus of also meeting our new nephew Michael Cameron, or Baby Mikey for short.
For the workout it was great too.  I used a guest pass at the Germantown Athletic Club.  Nice facility with great work out equipment.  My diet was off-it is real hard for me when I travel-but kept up the exercise.  So, I did do the Measure Me Monday routine this past Monday and I had zero weight change but lost an inch and a half.  Nothing spectacular, but considering the week as a whole it is not surprising.  I have a new found motivation and will install it after my trip next week.  Looking forward to continuing the weight loss and lifestyle changes that have come from this P90X revolution.

Bro Time
My brother came into town this weekend while Sarah went down to be with her friends for a bridal shower weekend extravaganza.  I was really excited for Sarah, who hardly ever gets to see her friends or take time for herself.  She had a such a great time with some of her favorite people on the planet.
I loved having my brother in town.  It was fun for him to hang with the kids, and the kids loved having their Uncle Blake in town.  I did feel like an old man who is a fuddy duddy.  At night we just hung out at the house, but that comes with the territory I guess.  Hopefully I did not bore him too much and he will come back to see us soon.

Good to catch you up a bit and hopefully I will get this back into gear.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ben Rector

Hey All,

So today is a quick review of a new album I purchased recently.

Into the Morning by Ben Rector

I just wanted you to all know that I really enjoy this guy's music.  He leans towards a more poppy feel, and of course if I am honest that's the way I swing too.  Check it out on iTunes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

Well, I am back.  Back to Blogging and back at living life with my, now, healthy wife!

In good Monday fashion I will update you on how I am measuring!

It's Measure Me Monday:
Inches lost this past week-2 inches
Total Inches Lost- 33 inches

Weight Lost this past week-5 lbs
Total weight Loss-29 lbs (remember I gained 2 lbs last week, so a net of 3 lbs lost on the total)

I will say it was more encouraging to see a weight loss instead of weight gain.  I will admit that I do not know where it came from though.  I feel this past week was up and down when it came to food.  But either way the results stand for themself.

God Bless and if you are thinking you want to start loosing weight-I would encourage you to take the dive and focus on living a healthier lifestyle.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

She Back Everyone! She is Back!

So tonight's post will be sweet, like my wife.  She is back from hell.  She just said, "I think I am back."  She goes back tomorrow for more blood work, but because she is feeling better we think her levels will be back to normal.  If not, that's a different story.  I think I will watch a bit of and then hit the sack.  Good Night and Thank You for Your Prayers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going to bed. Long day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogging is tough

Here I am sitting in front of the computer trying to dig deep into my being for a topic that is interesting.  I am just wiped out and the thought of thinking is even tiring.
I had a great conversation the other day with a friend who just had their first child.  It was awesome to share how life is going, and where our faith is deeply intersecting with every aspect of our lives right now.  As a father, husband, son, employee, and friend I am finding my faith in Jesus Christ to be the best thing going.  I know that there are so many people who believe me to be naive and ignorant to the rest of our world's religions and to be hypocritical, but I am finding that as each day goes by where my weakness/tiredness/overwhelmingness grows and grows-Jesus gets bigger and bigger.  I am seeing Matthew 5 make sense.  It is not how I would have picked this journey or lesson to be revealed but it is how my God is leading me.
Check out the Sermon on the Mount and be reminded at how much a counter-culture faith in Jesus Christ truly is in our current day.  Sit and listen to the words and really open yourself up for examination.  I know that it will give you something to think about at least, and maybe change your life.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

So I have been away for a few days-please forgive.  I am planning on jumping back head-first into this commitment.  I will spend a few days next week pouring over a few ideas I have, but this week is a hold on tight and make it through kind of venture.
It is Monday and I will update you on my workout/health pursuit, but want to shine a little light on why I have been away.  I was in Dallas last week and though I could've just updated with short mobile blogs, I thought I would give you more insight later this week.  When I returned home I found my wife to still be sick.  She has really been battling this virus.  We are praying that it is just a virus.  The doctors have used scary words and have said there is potential for it to be really bad, but right now we pray it is just a virus.
It has really put her out of commission and I have been able to help out a little bit around the house and with the kids, but what we all know is that this does not work without Sarah.  She holds this family together and I have really not been myself because she can't be herself.
We are both just tired.  Plain and simple worn out.  Work is tough right now and with the home not any better we are just asking for a breather, or in P90X terms-a water break.
So please if you pray, pray for Sarah.  Pray that God would heal her body and give her peace and joy for what she is dealing with today.  Pray that I can love her well through this and that our kids can survive Daddy being in charge.
For my update: Measure Me Monday.
I have lost another 4 and a half inches (a total of 31inches!), but have gained 2 pounds (I have still lost 24 total lbs since Jan).  I am a bit confused.  I want nothing more than to write that I have lost more weight and inches, but it is not the case.  The guys I workout with think that this second half-we are now past the mid-way point-will really make a difference.
I did learn last week that finding time  and a place to workout while traveling is really tough.  I was reminded that I am so thankful for the two guys working out with me-I need them to push myself and to stay committed.
There it is.  Probably my weakest M3 but I have a deep resolve to work harder and push myself through the next 17-20 lbs and reach a weight I have not reached in almost 8 years.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still in Dallas. Busy time and having a blast with my Aunt and Uncle. Update will come on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late nite. Sorry no blog. I'm in Big D.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

It's Measure Me Monday!

Today is the day I thought would come...I have zero lbs lost this week.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  It has been by far the hardest week, in both diet and exercise.  Cutting out sugars and throwing up during a P90X session.  I have faced nothing like this past week.
I did measure my body and lost 5 more inches! (really 4.75, but who's gonna get mad@me?) Also, I dropped from a 38 pant to 34!  Which is really what I have been waiting for this whole time-to see some practical application to this weight loss.
So, let's recap...Zero weight loss this week for a total weight loss of 26 lbs and another 4.75 inches, or as I like to think 5, bringing my total loss to 26.5 inches since January 4th.  And to top it off I have dropped down from squeezing painfully into 38 inch waist pants to a good fit 34 inch waist.  I know I did not loose body weight, but I know something happened that was good.  So my spirits are still high and I am still motivated to keep trekking on in this challenge to get healthy!

Also, because my wardrobe has to change I went my closet!  I have kept clothes that did not fit hoping for this day.  And it came.  It is like my wardrobe doubled on Saturday.  There are clothes I can wear that I haven't been able to squeeze in for a year, and some that I am on the verge of getting into-and that motivates me more!
We also are going to sell/giveaway coats and clothes that we are not going to wear anymore, and the pile is almost overwhelming our living room.  For me, an organizer, it is just as freeing to get stuff out of my house and to know that I am using what I need.  It is also good to know that others can benefit from my clothes that I have no need for today.  Sidenote: if I get my big clothes out now, I will have no big clothes to get back into!

I hope this finds you well, and I am so thankful for everyone that is keeping up with the journey.

PS-sorry I did not blog last night.  I went to bed at 10pm!  Sarah has a fever from a virus and we are just tired right now.  I will now have to make up two blogs so will be done!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The iPad

First off,  I think I am going to be disappointed with my weight loss this week.  It is not for a lack of effort. I have done my best job at both eating and exercising this week.  On the P90X side, it has been the hardest week by far.  I actually think the lifting will cause me to gain weight.  I know, I know it will be fine.

So it is time.  I will not spend much time on this topic, but I wanted to address it.  The iPad.  I will first admit I am a big fan of all things Apple, but I do think this device will be another game changer.  It was first the iPod-that changed the way we listen to music, then the iPhone-that changed the way we use phones, and now the inappropriately named iPad.
I think the name is probably the first and blinding downfall for this device, but I was not surprised and know that I will eventually not think about an electronic hygienic device for females.    There is another downfall that I have to get past-no multitasking.  I am surprised that the OS will also be very similar to the iPhone.  I do have hopes that this will change in the future, and I do think it will, but understand that they have an already-built-in audience of 75 million iPod touch and iPhone users.  
Now to the good stuff.  I think this will change education.  To me that is the biggest obvious application to this device.  We are continually growing less and less dependent on paper, and this device will keep pushing us that direction.  College kids, high school kids, even grad students will be given one on the first day of class already preloaded with the required reading at significantly lower prices.  For all of us College grads, we understand how ridiculous it is to buy such overpriced books, only to sell them back to the store for a poor exchange rate.  Now I believe the cost will be affordable and allow students to keep books and use them years after their graduation-if they want to.  The medium will change and use video and sound to bring these dry text books to life.  Maybe allowing for all types of learners to grasp the knowledge in ways that fits them best.  
I also believe it has so many other applications- like real estate agents taking prospective buyers around town and showing homes in their cars and deciding if it is worth their time to go all across town to see it. The medical field will use this everyday.  Nurses will enter your vital signs into this and wirelessly download your info into your electronic file. Or better yet-you will place your finger print on the screen and your health insurance and personal info will pop up with your medical history in front of them so they will not have to waste everyone's time with the filling out of paperwork.  
I will use one to blog.  I will use on to email, internet, watch movies, and even do some work.  I will use one.  It is the transition into the multi touch world of technology.  And as we become more and more comfortable using one, this technology will then be adapted in other areas of life.  
I cannot wait until I can hold this in my hands and use one.  I know it will be a great day.  And remember, if you want to order me one (in support of this blog of course) you can!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I want one.  Nuf said.

Teaser for tomorrow.  I have spend the last hour and a half pushing it to the limit!  Even threw up mid workout-sorry for the squeamish, but we really "left it on the field" tonight.  Tomorrow I will have more time to lay down my reasons for the iPad-other than my complete devotion to everything Jobs.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids, Man They Say Funny Stuff

A conversation between Sarah and Harper.
Harper: "Mommy, Cash wants to read the pony book." (Which happens to be Harper's favorite book.)
Sarah:  "Really Harper, how do you know that he wants to read the Pony book?"
Harper's:  "He said he wanted to read it.  He told me that."
Sarah: "Really, Cash told you that."
Harper: "Yep, he told me with his eyes."

That's my girl.

Have great day.

iPad coming soon...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a Day!

Today some of our dearest friends from Alabama celebrated the birth of their baby girl.  We have been praying for this little one for over 4 and a half years, while her mom and dad have been praying for her for much longer.
We have our three kids and I am in awe of the whole creation/birth thing.  As a male the whole pregnancy and birth mind blowing.  I know I would not go through all of that!  Especially after watching it with my own eyes!
I am thankful for our kids, and I know that my life would be far less with out them.  I am excited for our friends and the beginning they have with their new baby girl.  I know they will be tired, frustrated, in awe, and thankful almost everyday.  I also know them, and that they will experience our Father's love in a whole new way, and that I know they are not even a bit ready for-it still knocks me down.
I do not know the legal name yet, nor the baby "stats," just excited for them as they are probably trying to catch their breath, and maybe get that little bit of first night as parents sleep-some of the best sleep they will ever have!
God Bless

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Long Day

Today has been going...
Just got home for the evening at 11:00 p.m.  I am tired and am looking to be back at it around 6:45 a.m.  Thanks for understanding.  I am looking forward to the iPad blog this week, maybe tomorrow?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

It's Measure Me Monday!

I am really starting to like my Mondays.  I wake up a little nervous, because I feel like I am doing well and making progress throughout the week, but do not want to see bad or no results.  But mostly I am excited.

Today I woke up tired and exhausted from the great weekend with Charles Francis Shirley---I know it should be the name of some kind of character name for a sitcom.  It is always encouraging to have people visit us!  So Come On!

We had a great time and even got a Yoga X video in together with Derrick.

I want to say that I am actually surprised by my results.  I really did not see this coming, and this past week will probably go down as my best ever.

My measurements were similar to two weeks ago.  I have lost 4 and a quarter inches, making it a total of 21.75 inches.
My weight loss is a surprising 9 lbs. brining my four week total to 26 lbs!

It is great.  I cannot fit into any smaller clothes yet (just means I was SQEEEZZZINNG into my pants) but most of you knew that by looking at me.  I am looking forward to getting into a smaller pant size and getting to wear a few different shirts I have put away, but right now I am just excited to be making progress every week.

For those of you out there looking to loose weight.  I encourage you to find a partner.  For me that has been the recipe for success.  Derrick and Aleks have been my motivation when I was tired or worn out.  They also are working just as hard, and it is fun to see their results as well.

If you have started your own Measure Me Monday, or have a success story please post a comment.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tonight at Young Life Leadership we had our first annual Leader Walk-On Talent Show.  It was A-mazing.  These leaders are funny!  I am about to watch some Modern Family with Chuck and Sarah before we jump into the week.
This Week:
Measure Me Monday and the iPad!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great day with Chuck. We went to College Gameday and saw a record crowd! Go Wildcats.
Yoga, Guitar Hero, dinner out with the kids, a movie, and now SNL. Let's see how Sunday goes!
Keep reading, because I think Measure Me Monday will be revealing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Charles Francis Shirley

Tonight one of my best friends in the world is coming to visit us.  CHUCK!  He is one of my favorite people on earth.  I am excited to see him and who knows what the weekend will hold with Mr. Shirley in town.  I will keep you updated.

Just got done with Cardio X in the P90X workout.  I feel great and am getting excited to move onto Insanity--props to DMaddox!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lazy Thursday

I confess.  This blog is lazy.  I am so tired and looking to just sit and watch some telly.  Good night.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Up Wednesday?

So Wednesday has capped off this three day extravaganza on my diet.  I have seen, talked with, watched, or read what people are saying about eating meat.  I have to step back and say..."What's Up?"
I am not the avid meat eater like my previous pastor.  He would bow his chest and get proud and excited when someone brought up any red meat.  It was almost one of those "manlyisms."  I really enjoy a good rare to medium rare steak.  I like good chicken, but otherwise will leave most chicken dishes.  And though I like seafood my wife's aversion to it has left me not eating much the past 7 years.  And so I sit back and have to take in the bombardment of information and personal stories about lowering or removing meat from my diet.
I ordered this book called the China Study, by Joel Fuhran M.D. because our pediatric dentist and I got into this great discussion about how the information really impacted his families' lives.  He is a fit man anyway, but about two years ago implemented this new diet and has seen his health increase dramatically, as well as some residual weight loss.  I am waiting for it to come--maybe give you a review of it.
It is weird to me how this information has really hit me this week.  I feel Sarah and I are doing a great job of transitioning our family into watching our sugar intake and making sure we are focusing our diet towards a healthier place.  I am hoping that this will educate me more and maybe even guide us further into health and an example for others.  Because my past 9-10 years I have wandered from health and not really paid much attention to what I am doing to my physical self, and of course over the past 3 and a half weeks I am seeing that as I focus on my physical health it really affects my emotional, spiritual, and relational health.

***For those of you who know me best, I really wanted to blog about the iPad.  I am so excited and if any of the readers out there want to get me a gift to support this blog-that's the gift!  I will let you know how I feel in the coming days.  I am just too excited to really give you a good handle on what I think.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parenting 101

So today I realized that we may have some parenting knowledge.  You know, you will go on doing something, gain experience/knowledge, and at some point be called upon to use it.  Then you realize-"I actually know what I am talking about!"
Well in the world of parenting you never really feel like you know what you are doing.  You make decisions on the spot and react to life as it comes.  And for us, most of the time, you second guess what you are implementing or asking your kids to expect as normal.
Today some close friends who just had a beautiful baby recently wrote us and asked for some help.  And as we read their email it was like reliving those same feelings and emotions.  Confused, lying in the bed hearing our first born cry, and asking each other, "Are we bad parents?"  I do not really wonder if every parent has asked that.  I, at this point, assume that they all have.
But the beautiful, and reassuring thing was that we immediately knew how we would respond.  And to me that is Parenting 101.
In life there are equations, linear thoughts, and rational explanations to outcomes, but that is not the parenting world.  Knowing you are good parents is when Mom and Dad respond with a unified front to a problem.  How you get to the response is usually not unified.  It will take discussion, thinking ahead, questioning, discussion, comments on each others parents, heated discussion, throwing your hands in the air, more discussion, and coming together with a plan/response.  We are a unified front.
I know that no matter how it turns out that I have my wife to support me, and vice versa.  So often the kids seem to pit parent against parent.  When they are babies it is not intentional.  You are actually fighting different family experiences and upbringing.  As the kids get older, they actually do pit you against each other.
I remember asking my mom for something when I was younger and not getting the response I wanted, so then I would go to the softie of the family and ask the same question.  I was not prepared for what would happen next.  My dad asked, "What did your mother say?"  I said, "She said no."  Then he responded in an amazing way, "If your mom said no, then it is no."
In my house, the parents were united.  There will never be a day when I can pit my mom against my dad.  We have been through some rough stuff and even when it was at its worst, I knew that if it came down to it, they would still be there for each other.
It is my hope that my three kids know us to be those same types of parents.  There is no way my wife and I will agree on most things-I think that is the beauty of love and marriage.  But when we have to work together, make a decision, and follow through with consistency, there is no stopping us.
So, there it is.  Parenting 101.  The marital relationship is key to parenting.  It may sound obvious, but it is true.  It does not matter if you feed your baby every time it cries, or if you let your baby cry itself to sleep.  It does not matter if you let your kids eat candy or teach them to chant "Sugar is Bad, Sugar is Bad!"  What matters is the oneness that supports the two married people called Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

Well today is very much like the past two Measure Me Mondays.  I woke up and measured myself and have lost 6.5 more inches off my entire body, which totals to 17.5 inches in three weeks.  And then tonight after my workout I weighed myself, and have lost another 6 lbs, which is a total of 17 lbs in 3 weeks.
I will say I find myself using Measure Me Mondays as motivation throughout the week.  On Saturday night Sarah and I ordered out our favorite chinese food and had a blizzard from Dairy Queen.  It was the biggest splurge I have had this whole month, and I thought in the back of my mind-"this tastes good and I will enjoy it, but I want to make sure and keep Measure Me Mondays exciting."  Today is exciting.  I have a big goal to loose a specific number of pounds by December 31st and I am on my way to reaching it.
Mondays are exciting now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tongue Wrassle

So tonight I had the pleasure to do one of my favorite things.  I got to "perform" for our Young Life leaders as I led a few of them in a game.
In Young Life we love to bring humor into places where normally it would not exist.  An example would be leading kids in a game.  Most of our youth interact with adults at events in a regular way.  If the event calls for a game or participation from the audience, the emcee or host will ask for volunteers and guide them through the details of the game and then let them loose.
In Young Life we try to raise the bar by adding something that knocks you on your heels.  At our Young Life Clubs we have volunteer leaders that plan and execute the whole night.  These are also the people who are spending countless hours in relationship with kids in their community.  So when we have a game we want kids to play we usually add some spice.  One of these leaders will create a character, dress up, and perform the aforementioned tasks but in the role of this new person.  It is just fun.
Tonight I got to play a role, be a character, have fun.  I will give you an insight.
In ten minutes I used my creativity to fill in holes of a typical structure.  I cam up with Ricky Tassle.

Ricky Tassle:  I'm Ricky Tassle.  I'm short, I'm sweet, and I love to tongue wrassle! OOOOOUUUUUWWWWWEEEEE(hick accent required)

That is my introduction.  I go on to talk about where I am from and how this small town developed in me the ability to speak with authority on Love.

It was fun.  I think the leaders liked it.  And no matter what, I did something most people never get a chance to do-have a blast at my job and thank God for it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wow. What a Saturday. I am still in my workout clothes watching TV and vegging out! Today is a day to really look at why I exist and the implications I will have on the world. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its about You

Have you ever been wronged?  Of course.  That type of rhetorical question is a bit ridiculous.  The real question is, What do you do when you get wronged?  Are you a quick to action, hot tempered bloke?  Do you scream and yell, or are you quiet while you store your frustrations deep down for them to come out in an unhealthy place on an unsuspecting loved one?  Either way, the myriad of responses that fall on the arc of reaction to others, and the competency of others to let you down or hurt you will always need to be dealt with at some time.  
I think it is amazing how any reaction, big and loud or quiet and bottled up, does not make me feel any better.  Those responses always elicit an opportunity for me to bring back the memory of the moment and either feel guilty for how I hurt the person, enjoy the interaction in a glorified way,  or that I did not let my own feelings have their say.  
What I do find is that if I spend the time necessary, about a nano second, to recognize that whatever the situation, and no matter what someone does to me.  It is my job to forgive.  
Forgive.  What a word.  It is the spoon full of sugar and the medicine that goes down.  It seems to always do the job.  I never give it the opportunity to be the first response, but when it finally wins out in the battle of reactions/reality/emotions/and thoughts.  It has always been the avenue for success in my relationships.
I am a Christ Follower and have an affinity for this response.  For me there is no other real option.  In the end I have to get to this place of forgiveness.  If I do not then I am living out what Craig Groeschel calls, "Practical Atheism."  The outward response that aligns with a disbelief in God, as apposed to an outward response that follows the teachings and life of Jesus Christ.  
I have had some big life experiences.  Some of them were experienced as a victim in my youth and others have happened all throughout my life.  It was not until my late 20's that I recognized this fact.  The fact of responding with grace, something I will talk about more, and forgiveness is ultimately saying that God does matter to me.
It is hard to respond in grace and forgiveness.  It is hard to forgive someone daily.  It is hard to even give it the fighting chance to be the response in a fight.  It is easy to receive.  That is what does it for me.  It is so easy to receive.  When I ask for it from my wife, friends, family, and others it is what I want most, in that moment and in life.  I want to know that love does not come with eternal strings attached, and that I will not have to "pay" for my mistake for years to come.  It is what I want because I want the people I have hurt to look past the wrong/bad/sinful side of me, and see that I am worthy of their love and attention.  
And that is why I am talking about it today.  If it is this deep inside of me, then it has to be something everyone else wants.  Through my faith I have been forgiven and have been granted a relationship with the God of the Universe.  For me that is mind blowing.  For me that is weird to write.  For me that is so easy to receive.  
For others forgiveness is not easy to receive and almost impossible to give away.  And that is okay.  I am still working on this, and by no means am I great at it.  There will be a day when forgiving will be easier than fighting.  There will be a day when laying down your frustration and grudges will be easier than placing them on your shoulder.  There will be a day when you want forgiveness so bad and you will not get it.  On that day I believe you will realize that forgiveness is not about the other person, but about you.  You will realize that you need to forgive for your own self, for your own ability to love.  
And then you will experience it.  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forgive Me

Well, 11:26 pm and I am just settling into the house and I am pooped.  I need to commit to blogging in the day, taking a few minutes and really giving it a shot.  I said I would discuss forgiveness, but it looks like I am giving a lesson into how to forgive me.  Good night.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

During our leader retreat this past weekend we discussed Foregiveness, Dealing with Loss, the Reality that God is Everywhere, and being A Disciple of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow I will highlight Foregiveness to start a focused blog. Tonight I am TIRED from P90X!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tired Tuesday

Well I was back in the grind today.  It felt like Monday all day.  Gloomy and foggy today.  But some good news.  Took Reese to the dentist and found out that her teeth are probably going to be okay.  But mostly I am tired from P90X tonight.  So it will be a short one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

I am not perfect.  I was driving home today from Colorado and I looked at Sarah and realized, at 7:15 am, that I had not blogged yesterday!  Only a few weeks in and I failed at my attempt to blog everyday for a year.  Sad.  Well, I will make it up somewhere.  Either two in one day, or add a day on the end of the year- like snow days in the midwest.

I had a blast this weekend.  I am so thankful my parents drove in and had a wild weekend watching our kids, while Sarah and I got to take 20 something college students into the Colorado Rockies to build community, plan, prepare, and step deeper into our relationship with Christ.  It was a blast!

It is also "Measure Me Monday."  I was expecting bad numbers again, because of my bad eating for two days with no P90X on Saturday.  I was pleasantly surprised again.  I lost 4 and a quarter inches off my body and lost 6 pounds.  Yes, that is right, 6 pounds.  Totaling 11 and a quarter inches and 11 pounds in two weeks.  I just have to keep it up.  I will need encouragement when the numbers are not so big but I am taking these numbers into tomorrow and pursuing a healthier life with my family and friends!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mountains, sorry on my phone.
The puntains everywhere. Great friends. Outlet shopping a big time nap. Going out to eat, and celebrate a big celebration at Copper Mountain! What a great day!!! Retreat day 1

Friday, January 15, 2010

On the road with 20 of our Young Life leaders. Headed to Colorado! Best weekend of our lives!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I need to chime in on this whole Leno, Conan, and Fallon issue.  I grew up in the 90's and so I think of NBC as this standard for quality TV.  Thursday nights were always the best.  I loved Friends, ER (in the beginning-not in the 2000's like the Wilsons!), and even back to the obvious Cosby show.   I know I left out Seinfeld, SNL, and Dateline.  With the hallmark of all shows being the Tonight Show with Carson, which lasted until '92.  

So, I have to say I am a fan of NBC.  But, within the past 10 years there has been a huge decline, and I have to believe it has to do with leadership.  Yep, I am talking about Jeff Zucker, or Sucker.  I know he helped keep Friends on the air (too long), and I know he help create the Apprentice phenomenon.  But his best work was probably getting Bravo to the state that it is today-reality, reality, reality.  Although I was using sarcasm there, I do actually have Bravo programming as a guilty pleasure.  

I am a big leadership guy.  I think that the movement at the top really does help to guide and focus groups or organizations to their destinations, whether positive or negative.  For example, without Matt Millen I would not be able to say that I lived through the worst sporting franchise in history.  The Detroit Lions were by far the worst with him at the helm, but I do not blame Matt solely for their demise.  I blame the leader of the Lions and that fell to William Clay Ford, Sr.  That's right, the Ford guys.  Thanks for the Freestyle.  

And so, because of my lean towards responsibility falling to leadership, I look solely to Sucker for the fiasco that is NBC.  Obviously, Jay Leno has info on Sucker that could damage him, or he would not have folded to his demands by putting him on at the 10 o'clock (CST, of course) slot.  And by the way, the reason the lead-in to local affiliates news programs is so bad-the catalyst for recent change-is because the Jay Leno show took a page out of Sucker's name, it sucked.  

Sarah and I only receive like four channels with our antenna now, and NBC is one of them.  I will say that it has been difficult to enjoy anything after 9 p.m. central with Jay Leno on.  I also believe that Conan O'brien lost his edge when he went to the new time slot.  I am not talking about the edginess of his words or questionable content.  I am referring to the good humor.  It seems like he is dumbing his stuff down for this new audience.  Although, Puppies Dressed as Cats and the Fonzy and Tom Cruise wax figures are sooo like Conan, the majority of his stuff has been puff cake.  

Which leads me to a surprising revelation for Sarah and me. We are loving Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That show is funny.  He does a bad monologue, but his flare for sketch comedy provides great sketches and games.  It seems that he dotes a bit too much with his guests, and he seems to know them all personally.  

So, I am frustrated.  It's obvious, I guess, and with real issues like Haiti, famines, wars, and serious illness I probably should be focusing my efforts somewhere else.  But it is sad to me to think that powerful executives are really that dumb and television personalities that I like are really this petty.  In the end it will probably mean the loss of Conan in my life (he will probably move to a station we do not get with our antenna), but my hope is that Jimmy will get an earlier time slot and I can go to bed before 12:30 a.m. central!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking Ahead

I am in the midst of planning a leadership retreat for our Young Life leaders this weekend.  I am calling it Destination Unknown.  We have planned a great weekend, but have not told our leaders where we are going.  I think it will be a great weekend.  Maybe the Best Weekend of My Life.  
Well, as I sit here and look at my calendar I am realizing that so much will be going on that I will probably have to mobile blog  a lot.  Sad.  I know you are all waiting to read my words everyday, and I hate to disappoint.  I will try my best.  

I am still in the hunt for a topic.  I want to hone my craft a bit and really focus in on one topic for this blog.  I am wrestling with sports, parenting, a look into teenage culture, faith, entertainment, or marriage.  I feel overwhelmed and unqualified for all of those, even though I get paid to be on top of one of those topics-not parenting!  I know these past few days have been mediocre, its because I am writing at 11pm after a workout and just trying to "get it done."  

But I want to give it some effort.  If you read this, let me know what you like to read about.  Are any of the aforementioned topics something you like?  Let me know.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Year and Done

How about the ride that Lane Kiffin gave the Tennessee Volunteers!
What a year.
 It has been up and down with press, press, press and then a See Ya.
I know that if my dream job came calling I would take it too.  So my criticism is not too deep.  But as a spouse of a Volunteer fan and so by default I become a Volunteer fan I have to say, "Ouch."
 Now like the title of this blog, there is always another side.  It could be greener without Kiffin, and that would be the story.
It is how Tennessee will recoup and hire a guy that will put them in the spotlight with wins and restore Tennessee football to a national powerhouse.
You have to think Nick Saban is smiling tonight, and Mark Richt feels better about next year.
So the SEC looses a big named coach to the Pac-10, got to love it.
And really what does it matter?  Not too much.  Not much at all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Biggest Looser

So, to keep everyone up to date on my P90X experience...Monday is "Measure Me Day."  I know that if I step on a scale everyday, I will obsess about my weight/calories/ups/downs/etc.  So I decided to measure myself once a week.  This includes weight, neck, right arm, left arm, chest, waist, hips, right leg, and left leg.  To be honest, I was surprised.  I started this morning by measuring my gut.  If I am honest with you out there in the blogosphere, I am most concerned about the size of my belly.  Research is showing that the size of your gut correlates to your health.  Basically, a bigger gut equals early, chest-pain-filled death.  I don't want that at all.  I want to have a fighting chance to see my beautiful girls get married at the perfect age of 34.  So, I wrap that tape around my gut and was wanting to see big numbers!  I saw that I had lost 2 inches.  For me, a guy with high expectations and a wild imagination, it was a teensy bit discouraging.  I was hoping for 10 inches or something.  But nevertheless, there was a loss and not a gain.  Then I went on to measure every other area and I added it all up (I made a Numbers Spreadsheet-yeah I am a geek) and I had lost exactly 7 inches!  So I am a bit stoked about that today.  I do not have a scale at my house for the above mentioned reason.  After my workout tonight I stepped on the scale at my buddy's house.  I have lost 5 lbs!  In one week!  Some would scoff and say that is too much weight, be careful you are not doing it in a healthy way.  I would say-you did not see me eat this week.  I have done everything I can to do this right and I benefited!

I am excited.  It is now week two and that carries me into more P90X and I feel better about what I am focusing on right now.  Hopefully it is encouraging to you as well, or at least you can be happy for me and my efforts.  I know that life happens and my extreme way of doing things will come to the test, but right now I will enjoy working towards a healthier life.  I have to keep up with my wife.  She doesn't even workout and she is beautiful!  I will keep you all informed on Mondays as to how Measure Me Day is going!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sorry two typos...benign and feat. Take care.
I remember 20 years ago being told in a church service that my family and I should boycott this new show coming on television. It was to be the end of humanity and decency. That show turns out to be The Simpons!
20 years later it is probably one of the most endeared television programs while being quite socially begign. I think it is quite a feet in today's culture to be something that can be successful over a long period of time. Even my daughter Harper calls it "her show.". So I tip my hat, the one I got for Christmas, to the Simpsons. Way to go. 20 years down 20 more to go.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Another Day in Paradise

Today is my sweet wife's birthday.  I am told that the day she was born was much like the record low temperatures we are experiencing now.  And when Big Bill and Sweet Nancy brought their little bundle of joy home for the first time...the pipes in their house had burst because they froze while they were away.  What a way to start out life on earth.  Some would say she started out with Green Luck-there's a song for that phrase.
I digress.
But twenty something years later I find myself enjoying everyday with Sarah.  I know I take her for granted.  It is kind of easy to...she is the best.  She is so patient, understanding, caring and supportive.  I know that I could never return to her half of the love she gives to me.
Today is the annual celebration of her entry into the world, and I am glad I get a front row seat everyday.  I get to see up close and personal the most beautiful and lovely woman that has ever walked the earth.
I love you Sarah and am so thankful for your life.

Happy Birthday!

Self Portratit

Singin with Harps


Happy Marriage!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hanging with my P90X friend! Blogging today will not be long!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Day at a Time

There is work, family, recreation, and fitness.  
And now a blog.  
Trying to be a man that can be committed to decisions I make, I am writing this blog.
I am still laugh thinking about Modern Family.  I was reminded by my wife in the comment section about the part that got me laughing hardest.  Phil, "I could've used it for something small, like not having to clean the garage or a week at circus camp."  Now I have never been to circus camp, but I cannot believe that is a small thing.
I title this one day at a time, because I forget that to get somewhere you have to take small steps and focus each moment towards where you want to go.  With fitness I want to be in a position where I can just complete one P90X video without having to stop to breath.  But at day 5 I cannot really expect to be performing at day 90, but I want to.  I would like to be proficient at writing a blog, or at least be able to focus my ideas towards one topic.  And without much effort or time committed to this endeavor I cannot be frustrated as I search my mind for ideas, but I do.  Family and Work.  They are both the best/hardest things we will all do in our lifetime and it is so easy to loose focus on each.  While it is the small moments in life that really make everything amazing, like when I get home my middle child Reese just wanting me to hold her.  I should stop wanting her to be able to speak English proficiently, and just enjoy her toddler babble while she really is speaking with her heart-but I do.
I do not know, maybe this rant is because it is stinking cold outside.  Right now the thermostat reads, 1 degree with wind chill at -15 and the low tonite going to -9 with -20 wind chills!  
But probably it is because in life we seem to look ahead, and not notice what is right in front of us.  We want to graduate without the experience of learning.  And we want success without the effort it takes to truly enjoy the word success.
Either way that was my day.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Laugh Out Loud Funny!

I think that Modern Family is the runaway hit comedy of this season. I know we have The Office, 30 Rock, and Arrested Development (on DVD, all seasons). I have no conviction here, it makes me laugh out loud at least, at least, once an episode.
 It seems that all three families reveal something that I know to be real in my life and family, while communicating it in a way that makes you fall on the floor laughing.

For me, a sucker for the obvious, I love Ty Burrell who plays Phil-my namesake. He is the greatest! I think we all had a friend with a dad similar to Phil. He has great quotes: "I am a cool dad. That's my thang," or "I could sell a fur coat to an eskimo," or "One time I told Luke that if he didn't put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, we would put them in his bed" and finally everyone's favorite, "Act like a parent, talk like a peer. I call it 'peerenting.'"
With a show like this I can almost say I want to watch ABC for something other than college football. To me, it is a smart comedy that everyone can relate with.

Tune into ABC 8pm (central) and enjoy!
PS-you can watch it online anytime here@ or even at

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What the...?

Sarah and I were watching the Biggest Loser tonight before I headed out on my P90X venture. And I have to say, they do some unbelievable stuff on that show.

It comes with your run of the mill background stories, and your insight to who the "big" players are this season. The show's editors want to tie you to a character or two, so that you will keep watching. Can you hear my cynicism? But at weigh in, what the heck? There were multiple people loosing upwards of 23 lbs in 7 days. The heaviest contestant in the history of the show recorded the most weight lost in one week, 34 lbs.

I know there is science behind this and there are those that will immediately say it is so bad for you to lose weight that fast, and you can debate that for yourselves. I just want to sit on the idea that no matter how they did it-eating right and exercising-they did it.

Get ready, its gonna get cheesy.

I just have to applaud the effort. Most of these people, if left on their current path, would end up dying of coronary disease sooner than later. But instead they decided to put themselves through hell and back to save their lives.

Whether that show is for you or not, I am encouraged to put down my late night "treat" and to push that much harder at P90X because of what they are doing. I am encouraged.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Feel the Burn-or Sharp Pain in Your Neck

I feel fine now...but about an hour and a half ago, I was wondering what I committed myself to do.

It is day one of 90 into the at home workout series P90X. I am sure you have heard of it, but if you haven't...there is this 50 year old dude named Tony Horton who has developed the newest and biggest selling home workout routine.

My first thought was we need to check his birth records, like most South American pitchers in the League, because he is just in shape. It is encouraging to see a middle aged man can look like that, but what do you have to do to get there? Gasp, vomit, sweat, defibrilation, and then a water break-Repeat. That's what.

In an effort to see my children get married, and be able to enjoy their children I am starting to focus on living a life of intentionality. I do this, work on my weaknesses, and then it usually fades. But my hope is that 90 days of fitting something into my schedule will create some healthy, life giving habits.

Not only am I cutting calories and trying to eat a nutrient dense diet, but I have added this intense workout.

You start out with a warm up and inside you are thinking, "man I think this will be okay, I don't think I will embarrass myself in front of my new friend." And then it starts. I had awoke this morning to a twinge on the right side of my neck-no big deal-and right off the bat I pull the left side of my neck. There is no mistaking this pain, I still feel my heartbeat on the back of my neck-but it is just a war wound. Then it is 47 minutes of exercising. Stretches, push-up, funny looking push-ups and this thing called a Superman Banana (teehee).

All in all I am excited. On two fronts. I am doing this with a new friend Derek Richards, and I am excited to get to know him better and develop a friendship. And the other is to see my overall health increase.

At least I do feel better than this guy looks...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Get ready, a MOBILE BLOG!!!
Today has been a great day. Get to sleep in until 7:30, walk outside to fresh snow on the ground, visit a great church with good friends, find out we will not be having four kids in four years! (deep sigh of relief), and watched week 17 of NFL football.

For me there is a point of contention: Playoff rematches

Today there were three games that will be replayed in week one of the playoffs. For me that is a bit mundane but there is hope that maybe a few of these teams that played were holding back for next week.
All in all an outstanding day. Tomorrow is the beginning of the new year with the start of P90X!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quentin and Holcomb

This will show you how successful I will be at this blogging everyday. I just looked at Sarah and asked, "Have I blogged today?" She shook her head no, and said, "You don't have much time left."

I know what I want to talk about.

Movies and Music

We just rented Inglorious Bastards from our closest Redbox. It has been checked out since it came out on video. I finally got it tonight, and we just got through watching it. I had seen it in the theaters with one of our YL Leaders, Aleks Spangler-he's Latvian.
I think it is a great movie. I do not think it is a movie for all people, but I really enjoyed it. I believe Christoph Waltz deserves awards. He really steals the show. I am a big Brad Pitt guy, let the mockery begin, and so I loved seeing his version of Tennessee hill people-spot on-but was deeply surprised by Christoph's amazing performance. I really believe he is Col. Hans Landa, with such a presence and at times the scariest smile I've ever seen.
I am contemplating for this blogg creating a reoccurring segment that focuses on music and film, and if that does happen I will come up with some neat form of grading. For tonight's show I will give it an A.

On to Music:

A high school friend of my wife's named Drew Holcomb is a musician. I first met Drew while at a Bachelor Party for the aforementioned Daniel Maddox. And since then have had an opportunity to get to know him better. He is salt of the earth type people and someone I deeply admire. Well, like I said before he is a full time musician. He and his beautiful wife Ellie, along with the Neighbors, tour all over the U.S. I have had the opportunity to see them twice this month and have been reminded-
They Are Good!

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
They have an amazing Christmas album and their Christmas tour blows it away.

They just put out a new EP and it is exclusively sold at iTunes. It is titled Live Forever and it is the only thing I have been listening to the past two weeks. The title track is great and has an even better story behind it. To find out why they wrote the songs check them out sometime.
5 Stars

There it is, Day 3. Sorry for not going deeper into the Movies and Music-I think I said-Movie, Good and Drew, Good. But it is true and from the heart.

Friday, January 1, 2010

So, Sarah is blogging on the desktop. I am watching The Incredibles with Harper while Reese is running around and Cash is asleep.
It is great to be a family man!
Day 2: a mobile blog

Happy New Year!