Monday, February 15, 2010

Measure Me Monday (M3)

So I have been away for a few days-please forgive.  I am planning on jumping back head-first into this commitment.  I will spend a few days next week pouring over a few ideas I have, but this week is a hold on tight and make it through kind of venture.
It is Monday and I will update you on my workout/health pursuit, but want to shine a little light on why I have been away.  I was in Dallas last week and though I could've just updated with short mobile blogs, I thought I would give you more insight later this week.  When I returned home I found my wife to still be sick.  She has really been battling this virus.  We are praying that it is just a virus.  The doctors have used scary words and have said there is potential for it to be really bad, but right now we pray it is just a virus.
It has really put her out of commission and I have been able to help out a little bit around the house and with the kids, but what we all know is that this does not work without Sarah.  She holds this family together and I have really not been myself because she can't be herself.
We are both just tired.  Plain and simple worn out.  Work is tough right now and with the home not any better we are just asking for a breather, or in P90X terms-a water break.
So please if you pray, pray for Sarah.  Pray that God would heal her body and give her peace and joy for what she is dealing with today.  Pray that I can love her well through this and that our kids can survive Daddy being in charge.
For my update: Measure Me Monday.
I have lost another 4 and a half inches (a total of 31inches!), but have gained 2 pounds (I have still lost 24 total lbs since Jan).  I am a bit confused.  I want nothing more than to write that I have lost more weight and inches, but it is not the case.  The guys I workout with think that this second half-we are now past the mid-way point-will really make a difference.
I did learn last week that finding time  and a place to workout while traveling is really tough.  I was reminded that I am so thankful for the two guys working out with me-I need them to push myself and to stay committed.
There it is.  Probably my weakest M3 but I have a deep resolve to work harder and push myself through the next 17-20 lbs and reach a weight I have not reached in almost 8 years.

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